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Krolevets bakery integrated plant - Krolevets'kyi Flour - History
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Krolevets Bakery Integrated Plant

The main activity of the enterprise is production of the sort grain flour, bran, and acception, drying, cleaning, keeping and loading the grain, grain-bean and oil-producing crops.


Since 1985 there have been 5 granaries with the capacity 9600 ton in Krolevets integrated plant; the storehouse for ready production with the capacity 1400 ton; the storehouse of the grains-3200 ton, the grain-drier with its productivity of 32 ton per hour, the 15 and 30-ton car-unloaders, the 10 and 30 ton car scales.

In 1987 the mill with the capacity of 500 ton of remaking the grain per hour was operated. It was built in 1983. Its annual power is 114,5 thousand ton of sort grain flour. The flour is produced according to the Swiss technology Krolevets'kyi Flour. The plant works in automatic routine. For better effectiveness the flour remaking with different high-quality indexes, the grain is milled in two sections. The control for technological process is done by accredited technological laboratory. There is a line which packs up the flour into the packing of 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 kilo on the mill. Such assortment group satisfies every consumer.

In 1988 the bakery plant started to work. It's power is 250 ton of the grain per day. There are two granulators in the production shop with the day's capacity 150 ton. The bakery plant has 14 technological lines, it works in automatic routine and produces 4 main kinds of grain- for pigs, cows, birds and fish. The plant has the storehouse for storage with the capacity 400 ton and for bran-150 ton. The raw material is stored in the storehouse with the capacity 650 ton. The crumbly and lapidary ready product is placed in the silages with the capacity 1400 ton. The storehouse of ready product has its load points.

There is an elevator with the general capacity 54 thousand ton. Its main function is accepting, storage and loading of the grain crops. The elevator has a complex automatic control technological process system which controls the quality and quantity of the production during the storage.

The integrated plant takes part in different specialized exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The active reclamation takes place. So Krolevets' flour is well-known beyond Sumy region. Today a large amount of the bakery integrated plant's production is served to bakery, confectionary, and trade firms of Ukraine to Chernihiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattya regions.

As the results 2007 show Krolevets bakery integrated plant is the leader in producing the sort grain flour in " The Bread of Ukraine" system.

For its successful activity Krolevets bakery integrated plant has got the recognition of Business Assembly of Ukraine. For its high-quality production the enterprise was awarded with a diploma " Vyshcha proba" and the European quality sign. For perfect reputation in business the enterprise is awarded with " Golden Jaguar" award, and with the diploma “The Business Image of Ukraine”.

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